In Paradise (the Hamptons)!
With Master Teacher Lois Nesbitt

3 Weekends (Saturday and Sunday)


Seems like everyone practices yoga today—but so few have any idea where yoga’s great ideas and life-saving techniques come from, why they work as well as they have for centuries for yogis, and how we can and are constantly evolving yogas that mesh with the unique demands of modern life.

You can’t pick this up in drop-in classes. And unless you want to teach, there is no formal way to gather this knowledge (as well as tune up your own practice!)—except in the rare yoga immersion. While Lois has trained thousands of teachers worldwide, she wants all students to up their game by learning more about how to practice smart yoga and why we practice in the first place.

Why immerse? This program will:

  • lay out the tools to refine your practice on the mat

  • introduce you to powerful breathwork and blissful meditation

  • map out just enough anatomy for you to see how yoga works from the inside out—as well as yoga’s own view of the subtle (energy) body that shapes who you are and what you do

  • trace the origins of yoga and how it’s evolved from ancient India into the West’s most popular holistic therapy for body, mind, and heart

Get the Big Picture by signing on for all 3 weekends, or come to the weekends/days/sessions you can fit into your schedule. Either way, you’ll be glad you seized this opportunity to learn from one of the yoga world’s top instructors—right here in your backyard! ☺

*Coming from out of town? East Hampton is easily accessible by bus and train, and options for affordable housing are available.


Full program (all weekends)

$1250 if paid by Sept 15
$1300 if paid by Oct 14
$1400 if payment plan
$500/weekend if paying for just one or two weekends.

*Partial weekend attendance options: please contact loisnesbitt1@gmail.com

Ready to sign up? Click HERE or email loisnesbitt1@gmail.com.