Yoga Immersion and 200-Hour KamaDeva Yoga Teacher Training
with Lois Nesbitt and Jessica Bellofatto
KamaDeva Yoga, East Hampton NY

9 Weekends: October 2017 – MAY 2018

$500 Early bird discount for applicants who register by April 30th.

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Do you love the practice of yoga and want to experience more of it in your life? Have you considered the possibility of teaching, or felt that you want to cultivate a deeper connection to this ancient tradition? Now is the time! Dive in to the comprehensive KamaDeva Yoga Teacher Training program this fall, on a journey of self discovery that promises to take you deep into the heart of yoga!

The Program

The program curriculum explores all aspects of yoga, from philosophy and history, to anatomy, pranayama, Sanskrit, and beyond. Learn why we chant, the fundamentals of transformative meditation, how to stay injury-free, the importance of sequencing, how to cultivate a solid and evolving home practice, and learn the tools to grow into a gifted teacher, should that be a path you decide to follow.

This 200-hour* Yoga Alliance certified course is spread over nine weekends, from November through May, and is taught by two of the most experienced teachers in the country. Jessica Bellofatto and Lois Nesbitt have taught recognized teacher training courses independently for over a combined 20 years, and are thrilled to be offering this program together for the 3rd year in the Hamptons.

I had thought about doing a yoga teacher training program for several years, but I always found reasons to not go for it. I kept making excuses; it was either money concerns or it wasn’t the right time. Then a friend of mine told me about the program that she just did at Kama Deva Yoga and encouraged me to look into it. After doing a bit of research on other programs around Long Island, I decided on Kama Deva because of the weekend schedule and the amazing teachers I was so eager to learn from. What I have learned from this program has been so beneficial in helping me grow on and off my mat. I cannot speak highly enough about the teachers. Jessica and Lois make an amazing team, perfectly complementing each other with their strengths and areas of expertise. It’s incredible how knowledgeable they both are! The program really focuses on proper alignment and understanding the anatomy that goes into each pose. I think differently about my approach to every pose now. Rather than just going through the motions they teach us the fundamental alignment principles to get the most out of each pose. They also have really highlighted the philosophical and historical background of yoga which has given me a broader understanding of yoga as a whole practice, not just exercise. In addition to the poses and history, they teach us how to teach, which is probably the most important of all. The balance in teaching about the physical as well as philosophical and academic areas of yoga has given me a rich and well-rounded education. I highly recommend this program and would take it again in a heart beat.
— Caroline O'Neill Teacher Training Program 2015/2016


  • how to use your voice and your verbal instructions to inspire students to make shifts that can change their lives

  • how to weave life-affirming philosophy into classes that students will remember for a lifetime

  • how to guide students deeply and safely into poses using physical adjustments

  • how to sequence poses so that students can move safely into challenging asana

  • how to plan ongoing courses that encourage students to grow

  • how to teach students of all levels

  • how to work with injuries and special conditions

Not planning to teach? Our Deepening Your Practice option allows you to participate fully in this course without the commitment to becoming a certified yoga teacher. The course is packed with great tips on how to practice, why there are so many different styles of yoga, where yoga comes from and why it’s so popular today—all things that will take your understanding and your practice to the next level! Or, just opt for the Yoga Immersion and enjoy the first 3 weekends.

I had been going on a yearly yoga retreat with Jessica (and Lois the first year) for a few years. Each time, I emerged with a rising feeling of power, a clarity in my heart and an unmistakable sense that I WISHED I didn’t have to wait until next year to experience this again…. When an email arrived in August of 2012 announcing a teacher training in East Hampton with Jessica & Lois. My first reaction was, ‘I don’t want to be a teacher, but 10 weekends of instruction and hands-on practice, now that may be even better than a one week retreat!’ I knew I wanted to invest in the deepening of my practice, because as anyone who commits to yoga can say—it is the answer. I can not compare my time spent on my mat to anything else, and now with the knowledge I have gained—bringing it into my daily life—driving the kids around, washing the dishes, dealing with people—has made all my interactions and life work so much better. If you are considering this teacher training, go with your gut, trust yourself, invest in yourself. Doing so will take you to new heights. Trust Jess & Lois. Don’t underestimate you.
— Shira Barzilay

Listen to what our teacher training graduate Tara has to say about our life transforming program. 

This training occurs as a series of ten weekend mini-retreats set amid the splendor of The Hamptons’ exquisite natural beauty. Between sessions you’ll have time to roam the beach, hike the woods, or simply curl up by the fireside or laze on the porch. Out-of-towners are guided to free or affordable housing. The Hamptons is easily and cheaply accessible from New York City by Long Island Rail Road, the Hampton Jitney (bus), or car.

The course is spread out over 9 months to give you time to absorb our teaching techniques and put them into practice. The small-group format insures that you will receive continual supportive feedback and coaching from Lois and Jessica.


With two decades of practice and study of Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Anusara, and Iyengar Yoga, Jessica and Lois are uniquely prepared to guide you toward practices that will best serve you and your students. In addition to thousands of hours of yoga training, Lois holds a B.A. from Harvard and a Ph.D. from Princeton, and credits her fine teachers at these top universities for showing her how to make the most complex ideas clear and exciting to students of all levels. Jessica, who started out as a dancer in New York City, is a highly accomplished triathlete and even creatively teaches yogis how to practice on standup paddleboards. The two share a lighthearted approach to life that infuses their teaching with playfulness and humor.

When I heard about the yoga teacher training being offered by Jessica Bellofatto and Lois Nesbitt, a little voice inside said “Do it!” I had never contemplated taking a yoga teacher training course but was a regular at KamaDeva and interested in taking my practice to another level. Taking the yoga teacher training was an incredible experience and the connections I made with my fellow trainees will last a lifetime. I am now on a path to teach yoga privately to people 50+ and to teach chair yoga, something I would never have imagined for myself. I’ve even started teaching a class at KamaDeva Yoga. Whether you believe you will eventually teach or not, taking this training is an extremely rewarding experience on many levels. It will enrich your life!
— Emily Herrick, Teacher Training Program 2012/2013


Weekend dates are tentatively set as follows (to be confirmed):

  • Weekend 1: October 21-22
  • Weekend 2: November 4-5
  • Weekend 3: December 2-3
  • Weekend 4: December 16-17
  • Weekend 5: January 6-7
  • Weekend 6: February 17-18
  • Weekend 7: March 3-4
  • Weekend 8: April 7-8
  • Weekend 9: May 5-6

Weekend schedule will be: Saturday and Sunday, 7:15-5:30pm, with lunch break 11:15am-1pm.

Classes will be held between KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton and Lois' studio in East Hampton.

Teacher Training with Jessica and Lois has been a great gift to myself. I never had plans to teach, and had originally intended to take only the first three weekend immersion courses, but my practice deepened so quickly and I was so excited to be learning all aspects of yoga, that I realized it would be a missed opportunity to not to take the full course.
It is not coincidental that with a deepening of my practice and knowledge, especially of pranayama and the spiritual side of yoga, I was finally able to quit smoking: an addiction I had struggled with for years.
— Mark Lewis

Guest Teachers

Sinead Fitzgibbon teaching Anatomy
Manorama D’Alvia teaching Sanskrit
Roey Ficaro teaching Restorative Yoga
Adam Kelinson teaching the Yoga of Eating


While our Teacher Training comprises 300 hours of training sessions, classes, and home study, graduates of this course qualify for Yoga Alliance 200-hour Teacher Training (first level) Registration.

Tuition: $3950

There is an Early Bird discount of $500 for applications received by April 30, 2017. Tuition includes all training sessions, written and practical assignments, final assessment; and unlimited classes at KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton for the duration of the training. Payment plans are available.

A $350 application fee is required to apply. This is non-refundable if you are accepted into the program. Upon acceptance, the balance of $3600 (tuition less the deposit) will become payable. Students wishing to pay the balance by credit card, or enroll in our payment plan option, will incur an additional $125 fee. The payment plan consists of an an initial payment of $1500 upon acceptance, with five subsequent payments of $445 on the first of each month, commencing on November 1st, 2016. You can indicate your payment preference on the online application.

Application Process

Please complete our online application to apply for this program. Applications will be considered in the order they are received. An initial non-refundable application deposit of $350 is required upon submission of your application. This will be deducted from your tuition if you are accepted into the program.

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