By Lois Nesbitt, Ph.D., E-RYT

This highly personal and totally revealing book carries you through a single year in which I found myself crippled by arthritis in my right hip. In February, doctors said “carry on,” but by July Total Hip Replacement was the only option.

What do you do when life throws you a major curveball? Try to ignore it? Try to dodge it? Bombard it with your will power? Lie down and play dead?

Being all too human, I tried all of these when my right hip began to give out. I’m active (teach yoga), I’m willful, I think I’m smart, and I think I know a lot about the body (I run a weekly Injury Clinic where I help other people will all sorts of problems). When I could no longer ignore the pain, I still thought I could fix it. None of this worked.

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