Rejection Continues... Day 11 & 12

DAY 11:

Visit Latino Express grocery store. Offer to buy an item I don’t recognize if the staff person will give me her favorite recipe for how to cook it.

I pick out a long, pointy green shaft that looks like a cactus. Her English is poor, so she calls over the guy stocking the shelves. He says he doesn’t know what to do with it—comes from Mexico and he’s from Colombia.

So I pick up something that looks like a small green tomato wrapped in crinkly paper. Same problem: Mexican, not Colombian. Seeing my frustration, he goes back to the kitchen and asks the cooks what to do with my items. The little “tomatillo” is best used in a sause with onions for meet. The cactus is aloe vera—usually not cooked but you can use the juice on fruit (and on sunburn and other skin irritations).

The aloe is too long for my knapsack, so I wear it home poking up behind my head like an Indian feather. For right now, both are in my fridge awaiting trial. (Acceptances: 2, Rejections: 0)

DAY 12: Take the day off.

I’m tired of coming up with new rejections. I’m tired of interacting with strangers.

Plus I got an acceptance in advance of a request, which cancels out one day’s duty: I’d been talking with a friend about one of my favorite designers, Maison Martin Margiela, a somewhat obscure Belgian known for his conceptual, out-of-the-box creations.

I was planning to enter his Bleecker Street boutique and ask to model samples of his work. Even went on his website to pick out my favorites.

But Saturday morning my friend showed up with a coat by MMM that she longer wears, along with an even more hip coat by another fave, Morgan Lefay. This project seems to be taking on a life of its own!

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