1. Name (or if you prefer) “anonymous”

2. Email where you can be reached for followup

3. Profession

4. Type of incident/event/injury/trauma/whatever, for example:

  •  Physical injury
  •  Physical illness or special condition
  •  Interpersonal crisis (breakup, divorce, betrayal, abuse, etc)
  •  Psychological/mental disorders (anxiety, depression, bipolar, ADD,
  •  ADHD, learning disorders, dyslexia, schizophrenia, etc)
  •  Societal (race or class conflicts or divisions, societal changes that affected you deeply
  •  Political/geographic (wars, immigration, emigration, displacements, ghetto-ization, terrorism, genocide
  •  Climate/Natural events/disasters (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, global warming/climate change
  •  Professional (loss of job, jobs/fields becoming obsolete, layoffs, business failures, aggressive competition, legal tangles, bankruptcy)

5. Describe in ONE PARAGRAPH what happened

6. Describe in ONE PARAGRAPH what you learned, what you can share that will help others. Please include:

  • One practical tip
  • One psychological/motivational/spiritual tip

7. Any resources/references/referrals you think might help others facing similar challenges.

8. Final words to the wise: any slogans or quotes or prayers that got you through the dark hours.

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