Injury Clinic

So, what is the Body Shop: Injury Clinic?

It’s a truly unique, drop-in chance to let me to work on your sore back, tweaky knees, tight or unstable shoulders, foot and ankle problems, Carpal tunnel and wrist injuries of all sorts, pre- and post-op work on hips, knees, shoulders . Sciatic pain, heel spurs, plantar fascialitis, bunions—trust me, if you have it, I’ve seen it.

The injury clinic has been running weekly (sometimes twice/weekly) at KamaDeva Yoga in East Hampton.  And I’ve been able to help an astounding number of people out of pain/limitations and onto healthy lives!

Here’s how it works:

When you arrive, I’ll have my laptop and camera read. Laptop so I can take notes on each student. Camera so that I can photograph and then email you later exercises for you to do at home to fast track your healing!

This work combines:

  •  hands-on physical adjustments to release tight spots and rebalance muscles, as well as free up restriction in joints.
  •  Exercises for each student combine yoga moves with traditional physical therapy, and none require props beyond yoga blocks, straps, Therabands, and lacrosse balls, so easy to setup at home.

Some students come to clinic just once, others for weeks on end. It’s really up to you and your needs.

If clinic time/location don’t fit your schedule please contact me about private lessons, where I can devote 100% off my attention to your issues. I’m in NYC weekdays, Hamptons weekends, and now through October 15 offering special New Season discounts to all! or call/text (917) 975-8009

Injury Clinic is offered at:

KamaDeva Yoga
15 Lumber Lane, 2nd Floor
(Across the street from the EH YMCA REC CENTER),
East Hampton, NY 11937

Monday - 10:45-11:45am (Free/By Donation)

For more information visit:

Donate for Injury Clinic