Nippy winds, dropping temps, and shorter days prompt us all to plan our winter getaways. Voila! I’ve got you covered with two tropical retreats designed to lift your spirits and brighten your days!

Read on, choose what’s best for you (join me for either or both)! Dates and registration details to be announced.


Join Surfer Yoga creator Jimmy Minardi and master yoga teacher Lois Nesbitt as we take Jimmy’s signature Hampton’s yoga class to the Caribbean. Build strength, stamina, and focus with this all-body workout, featuring classic yoga moves, core strengthening, and Jimmy’s down-to-earth prompts for sane and happy living off the mat. (*New to Surfer Yoga?  No worries, it’s not just for surfers. This class is suited to students of all levels with no major injuries.)

Enjoy the added benefit of Lois’ yummy hands-on adjustments, as she guides you into your healthiest form. Join Lois for separate practices bringing TLC to your shoulders, hips, and lower back, with option to arrange private yoga sessions for specific needs.

In between, venture out for sailing, snorkeling, paddle boarding, windsurfing and kite boarding, hiking and horseback riding, and exploring. Or just lounge on the nearby beach or by our onsite pool.

Dates and registration to come.

If you have any questions in regards to the following two retreats, feel free to reach out!

  1. A Surfer Yoga retreat co-lead with my friend Jimmy Minardi

  2. A retreat just led by me