Yoga is always best taught one-on-one. Group yoga classes are a modern invention, part of the “group fitness” model engineered by health clubs and schools. The problem with group classes is that one size does not fit all, and no teacher can truly address every student’s needs within the context of a group practice.

Private instruction is not a luxury but a necessity. Each of us needs a teacher to focus exclusively on our bodies, our patterns, our strengths and weaknesses. Lois firmly believes that individual lessons are the most effective way to grow your yoga, whether you are a raw beginner or a seasoned practitioner.


Lois is regarded as one of the world’s top yoga teachers. Beginning herself from scratch, she has cultivated an advanced practice that balances strength, flexibility, and stamina in all parts of her body.

Lois has taught thousands of students and trained hundreds of teachers. She continues to supplement her multiple teaching certifications with ongoing studies of anatomy and yoga history and philosophy. She delights in getting newcomers started on the path to well-being as well as raising the bar for advanced practitioners. She leads a weekly Injury Clinic to empower people to heal and prevent injuries of all sorts and has an intimate knowledge of how bodies work and why they sometimes break down.


Private lessons can be:

  • Daily (yes! If you have the time and resources)

  • Weekly or biweekly

  • Occasional “tune ups” to refine and grow your practice

  • As needed to address injuries, hurdles, and plateaus in your practice

Lessons can be at Lois’ home studio in New York City or East Hampton. She can also come to you, if you live/work in Manhattan or the Hamptons.

Lessons are usually one hour.

Rates are determined by location and time.


Please contact loisnesbitt1@gmail.com or (917)975-8009 today!